fine art murals and oil paintings
       I think I am addicted to the smell of linseed oil. Seriously, one
of the main reasons I paint is because I love paint!  It is always
exciting to see what happens when you load your brush with paint
and touch the canvas.  Then even more exciting is what happens
when you paint another color next to it, and how it changes if the
stroke is straight or curvy, thick or thin, thinly painted or thickly
applied.  Each mark evokes a feeling.  Where these feelings come
from is unique to each viewer so every person responds to a
painting based on their own life experiences.  That is the beauty of
art.  Each viewer’s interpretation is correct!

       When I begin a painting, I decide what the unique element is
that has gotten my attention - whether it is a certain tilt of the head
or the shape of the sky’s reflection in the water.  Then I formulate a
composition around it.  By using color, line and placement of
shapes, I bring the viewer’s eye to that center of interest.

       I love plein air painting (painting in nature) and painting from a
model.  I do use photographs sometimes to remember details in
finishing a work, but I am always amazed at how the feeling I had
when I was painting from life is missing in the photograph.   

       California artist Mark Tansey says “A painted picture is a
vehicle.  One can sit in the driveway and take it apart, or one can
get in it and go somewhere”  – so don’t analyze it, just enjoy it!

                                                                Gail Trent Risner
Artist's Statement